Why Join Us

Service Is Our Attitude, And Attitude Is Everything

Vibsu aims to function on a national level. Our app provides users with a platform where they can make bookings for transport such minicab and also make special requests for delivery services as well as courier services. Since Vibsu is a collaborative effort, we’re always on the look out to work with other aspiring entrepreneurial ventures and businesses that are interested in the transport industry.

Who Can Join Vibsu?

Want to join hands with Vibsu but don’t know if you can help? As long as you’re interested in making your mark in the local transport industry, you’re the perfect fit. Vibsu specializes in offering services relating to minicab, Minicab services and courier services. If you’ve got your own minicab service, join hands with us to get access to a larger target market.

Currently, only our minicab services are implemented, but we’re working hard on introducing our courier and delivery services too. If your business fits into these two groups, let us know. Drop us a line and work with us so that we can help you.


If you’re interested in working with us, drop us a line and get in touch. We’re willing to hear your ideas and even brainstorm to come up with new services and features. At Vibsu, we believe that it’s always fun when brilliant minds combine.

Why Join Vibsu?

If you’re wondering how your business will benefit from using Vibsu, then take a look at all that we have to offer: